Vanessa Meditation Stool and Bench

Made in Melbourne, Australia. This is a bespoke, timber meditation bench seat built specifically for the Seiza (kneeling) meditation posture.

Using this stool naturally aligns your spine to the correct angle so you don’t experience back pain or feel the need for constant readjustment during your meditation session.

By taking all the pain and tiredness away from the back, this is a great addition to the practice of both beginner and experienced meditators.

Available in Tasmanian blackwood (dark) or Victorian messmate (light).

Can be built with a simple corner joint or hand-cut dovetails.

L 450mm X H 170mm X D 160mm

Starting at $150 depending on materials and construction.

Free delivery Australia wide.

Available in Tasmanian blackwood or Victorian messmate. Pictured here in Victorian messmate.